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Clues on the posterior segment for non-ophthalmologist healthcare professionals

24/03/2022 · Actualités
Míriam Garcia i Marc Biarnés

Marc Biarnés and Míriam Garcia, optometrists at the Institut de la Màcula, are co-authors of a book that puts the latest knowledge on posterior segment pathologies within the reach of all non-medical health professionals who deal with retinal and optic nerve disorders.

The book “Retina and optic nerve for optometrists and other health professionals”, in which Dr Marc Biarnés and Míriam Garcia, optometrists from the Institut de la Màcula, have participated, explains retina and optic nerve diseases for health personnel affordably not medical. Together with 9 other expert optometrists, they explain the functional and imaging tests used in clinics for the examination of patients affected by pathologies that affect these structures, as well as the description of the most common diseases adapted to the needs of the optometrist. They also propose a course of action to refer to the appropriate medical specialist with the appropriate speed.

The volume was born to become a reference for all non-medical vision professionals who deal with patients on the front line, and who need to know the basic characteristics of retinal and optic nerve pathologies to detect them as soon as possible and refer them to the appropriate specialists. It is, therefore, a more specific book for these health professionals than others that focus on medical and surgical treatment and that are aimed at ophthalmologists. In addition, the authors include chapters on the principles of interpreting studies in this field and on the role of telemedicine and artificial intelligence in posterior segment diseases, among others.

The book concludes with a chapter dedicated to explaining understandably the mechanisms by which the treatments most used by ophthalmologists act in these conditions.

With Biarnés and Garcia, the book is signed by Dr Genís Cardona, Dr Diego García Ayuso, Dra Noemí Güemes, Dra Victoria de Juan, Jesús Marín, Dra Cristina Peña, Dra Elena Salobrar, Marta Sernau and Teyma Valero.

Marc Biarnés and Míriam Garcia present the work at the Congress of Optometry, Contactology and Ophthalmic Optics OPTOM22.

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