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Additional patient support services

We offer comprehensive care, understanding that we are part of a crucial moment in our patients lives as they face an unknown disease. All our patients have, at no extra cost, a series of additional services designed to accompany them throughout their treatment:

Psychological support

Aware that significant visual loss or the possibility of it would have a strong emotional impact on any person, we provide a psychologist and psychotherapist specialized in the adjustment to vision loss and low vision.

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Nutritional counselling

Numerous studies indicate that a healthy diet helps to prevent and delay the deterioration of vision, which is why we consider it essential to refocus dietary and eating habits.

Advice on assistive technologies (SilVer)

Applications and devices designed for people with low vision are not exclusively for young people, indeed, they have also proved very useful for the elderly. All it takes is a little advice and guidance to overcome their own fears.

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Family screenings for hereditary diseases

Some eye diseases are hereditary, so it is important that the relatives of people who suffer them undergo testing to assess any possible developments.

Further information

It is common when suffering an illness to feel the need to understand what is happening, and to become more aware of the latest developments. For this reason, the Institut produces a publication including articles of interest and further information, available to all patients, and offers an information service to address any concerns that may arise.

Patient accompaniment service

People with low vision have nothing to worry about when they arrive at our facilities. We have qualified personnel to take care of each patient during the entire duration of their stay, not only helping to get from one consultation to another, but also facilitating the management of documents and reading out any information as required.

Participation in clinical trials

One of the key points of distinction at the Institut de la Màcula is that it offers patients the opportunity to participate in clinical trials. While application does require candidates to meet specific medical prerequisites, this offers patients the option of being among the first to access treatments that are not yet generally available and to receive free periodic care.

For more information contact our patient service line on +34 93 595 0155, or send us an e-mail to

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