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Official statement COVID-19

14/03/2020 · News
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As a measure to contain the spread of the coronavirus and following the recommendations, the Institut de la Màcula has decided to postpone the scheduled visits and will attend exceptionally only those people at very high risk of vision loss. We believe this to be necessary out of consideration for the public good. Our aim is to reduce the risk of COVID-19 infection, mainly due to its effect on those who are most vulnerable. All the health authorities recommend acting responsibly and we are convinced that everyone’s collaboration is vital.

Since this situation began, the Institut de la Màcula has implemented a series of procedures: it has intensified preventive and protective measures for all its medical-health personnel; it has activated internal action protocols; and it has undertaken informative and preventive work, both for its medical and healthcare team and for its patients.

In those urgent visits that need to be made from now on, we will maintain these procedures and control measures, while minimising contact between people.


Institut de la Màcula personnel are currently contacting those with appointments over the next fortnight in order to reschedule new visits. In parallel, we have placed an email address ( and a telephone helpline (663 013 439). In other cases, you can call our Associated Emergency Center, ICO (93 415 56 37). Thank you very much.

We advise everyone to monitor the current status of the coronavirus through official sources and follow the recommendations of the health authorities.

We apologise for any inconvenience that may arise from these measures. We believe them to be necessary and aimed at protecting those who are most vulnerable. Thank you for your understanding.

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