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Josep Maria Bigorra, a patient with dry eye: “With the IPL Laser, the improvement has been huge”

27/11/2019 · News

Josep Maria Bigorra had suffered several bouts of infectious conjunctivitis that caused a major alteration of the ocular surface with a dysfunction of the Meibomian glands, conjunctival hyperaemia and great discomfort through itching, epiphora and eye irritation. The medical team of the Institut de la Màcula decided to apply IPL Laser treatment and the results have been highly positive: “Had I known, I would have done this earlier,” he says

I cried for nothing. It was chronic, whether I was at the computer or watching TV. My eyes were red, watery; I suffered discomfort, and I didn't know what to do,” explains Josep Maria Bigorra, a patient with a dry eye. “It was very annoying, especially when I was working. The itching was unbearable. It became impossible to work with the computer,” he says.

Mr Bigorra came to the Institut de la Màcula in search of a solution to his problem, after receiving a variety of treatments to rule out which condition he had. “As a result of several bouts of infectious conjunctivitis, he was left with an altered ocular surface that caused conjunctival hyperaemia and a lot of ocular discomfort with itching, epiphora and eye irritation,” recalls Dr. Paula Verdaguer MD, PhD, ophthalmologist and cornea and dry eye specialist at the Institut de la Màcula.

Mr Bigorra’s pathology, “with a major dysfunction of the Meibomian glands that produced a lot of symptoms,” explains Dr Verdaguer, led to the decision to opt for personalised treatment combined with IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) Laser.

The Meibomian glands are a part of the eyelid that secretes a lipid substance that lubricates the ocular surface and delays the evaporation of the tear, allowing the eye to hydrate. A dysfunction results in dryness, a stinging sensation and, in cases such as Mr Bigorra's, damage to the cornea and conjunctiva.

The results with the IPL Laser were highly positive: “Had I known, I would have done this earlier. The improvement has been huge, really significant. I am very satisfied with how well it has gone since we started following this treatment,” Mr Bigorra says. "The patient is asymptomatic and the conjunctiva is white, while the cornea is transparent," Dr Verdaguer explains about his present medical situation.

"The laser is bearable," explains Mr Bigorra, who says he would recommend the treatment "without hesitation."I put all my faith in the team of the Institut de la Màcula; they are great professionals,” he says.

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