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How to deal with allergic conjunctivitis

20/04/2022 · новости
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Allergic conjunctivitis usually presents in the spring, although it can be persistent throughout the year with seasonal peaks in symptoms.

Itchy eyes are the most common symptom of allergic conjunctivitis. This effect can come with slight eye redness. Even, in some cases, with oedema (inflammation due to the accumulation of fluids). Allergic conjunctivitis may appear accompanied by other non-ocular allergic manifestations: rhinitis or asthma. It is not contagious, unlike conjunctivitis of bacterial or viral origin. They are produced by the response of the immune system to an external agent that can be pollen, dust mites or proteins found in the skin cells of domestic animals.

In general, in the ophthalmological consultation, we base the diagnosis on a basic examination with the slit lamp and we do not usually need other tests.

Treatments are based on frequent washings, artificial tears and antihistamine or anti-inflammatory eye drops. Proper hygiene of the patient's environment and clothing is important. And, above all, avoid scratching, as it increases the sensation of itching, the duration of the symptoms and in the long run it can cause injuries to the cornea.

In the event of any sensation of itching or redness, the most advisable thing is to come to our ophthalmological consultation: we will rule out other pathologies compatible with these symptoms and we will make a pattern of personalized preventive actions.

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