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Pyrotechnics: caution, protection and distance

23/06/2022 · новости

We at the Institut de la Màcula want to focus on the eye injuries that can be caused by firecrackers, flares and other pyrotechnic elements that we will hear explode during the night of Sant Joan (celebrating the Summer Solstice) and beyond.

Every year, without exception, ophthalmologists see eye injuries caused by firecrackers and fireworks that could have been avoided. There are mild ones, which are the most common. The particles caused by the explosion of the firecracker can affect the cornea in a very serious way or burn the eyelids. The explosion of the firecracker can even cause the loss of the eyeball.

A good measure to try to prevent all these eye injuries is the use of protective glasses, especially while handling the pyrotechnic material. The use of the cap is also recommended.

The use of elements related to fire is closely linked to many popular festivals and celebrations of Mediterranean culture, and, understandably, many people do not want to give them up. But they must be aware of the risks involved. Let them do it with caution. That all protective measures available to them be taken. And that they adopt a reasonable distance from other people, especially those who are younger.

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